At Badgerland Financial, we know what matters to you.

We've focused on serving the unique needs of farmers for nearly 100 years. In that time, we've learned a thing or two about how we can best help you achieve your goals.

Regardless of the size of your farm, the type of crop you grow or the livestock you raise, we can help. Regardless of whether you're part of a farm that's been in the family for generations, or you're just starting out, we can help. As part of the Farm Credit System we're dedicated to helping you succeed, no matter what it takes. From competitive, long-term fixed rate loans to flexible payment schedules. Crop insurance to life insurance. Farm tax preparation to estate planning. It's all here at Badgerland Financial. And, it's all backed by people who are knowledgeable about the business of agriculture. In fact, many of us grew up on farms. Some of us still work on one today.

At Badgerland Financial, we know ag because we are ag. So let's get working—together.

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Our leaders understand ag and country living, because they live and work in rural Wisconsin—just like you.

Badgerland Financial Board of Directors

Because we are a cooperative, our Board of Directors is elected by our member-owners. The current Badgerland Financial Board of Directors, each elected for a three-year term, includes:

Mark Cade

Cade's Corner Holsteins

Westby, Wisconsin

Elected in 2006

Mark's farm consists of 115 head of registered Holsteins and 250 acres of alfalfa, corn and soybeans.

Rick Carlson

Sta-Ash Farms

Hollandale, Wisconsin

Elected in 2015

Rick owns Sta-Ash Farms, which has 80 cows, 40 feeder steers and 40 heifers on 539 acres.

Ken Congdon

Galesville, Wisconsin

Elected in 2011

Ken's agriculture operation includes 850 acres of cash grain.

Tim Evert

United Dreams Dairy LLC and Evert Farms Inc.

North Freedom, Wisconsin

Elected in 2010

Evert Farms custom raises heifers and feed for United Dreams, which consists of 420 milking cows and 420-head of young stock.

Richard Kratz Sr

Kratz Farms LLP & RAR Farms LLP

Slinger, Wisconsin

Elected in 2016

Kratz Farms consists of 450 cows. Alfalfa, corn, oats soybeans and wheat are grown on 3,000 acres.

Sandy Larson

Sandy Larson

Larson Acres

Evansville, Wisconsin

Elected in 2014

Larson Acres consists of 2,900 cows and 2,300 heifers. Alfalfa, grass mix and corn are grown on 5,000 acres.

Don Leix

Don Leix

Leix Farms

Montfort, Wisconsin

Elected in 2014

Leix Farms is a 600 cow dairy and grows corn for grain, silage and alfalfa on 700 acres.

John Manske

Director of Government Relations, Cooperative Network

Madison, Wisconsin

Elected in 2002

John is a Board-elected outside director.

Lori Meinholz

Blue Star Dairy Farms

Middleton, Wisconsin

Elected in 1997

Lori raises calves, manages herd health and payroll for Blue Star Dairy Farms at their Middleton location.

Greg Pollesch

President, Galloway Company

Neenah, Wisconsin

Elected in 2007

Greg is a Board-elected outside director.

Jim Rickert

Rickert Brothers LLC

Eldorado, Wisconsin

Elected in 2010

The Rickert Brothers operation consists of 1,020 registered Holsteins with 1,700 acres.

Max Weiss

Diversified Farms LTD

Alma, Wisconsin

Elected in 2013

Max raises corn, alfalfa and soybeans on 2,000 acres and also custom farms another 8,000 acres for other farmers.

Mike Winker

Fredonia, Wisconsin

Elected in 1997

Mike owns and operates a 100-cow dairy and cash crop operation.

Dan Zimmerman

Ever Green Growers

Rosendale, Wisconsin

Elected in 2015

Dan owns and operates Ever Green Growers where they raise corn, soybeans and wheat on 2,700 acres.

Badgerland Financial Management Team

Our management team is a key component in our overall growth, success and ability to meet our customers’ dynamic and evolving needs. Their expertise and insight combine to ensure we’re doing all we can to cultivate rural life in Wisconsin. The Badgerland Financial Management Team includes: 

Diane Cole

Diane Cole

Chief Executive Officer/President

Greg Rufsvold

Greg Rufsvold

Sr. Vice President - Chief Financial Officer

Terry McMahon

Terry McMahon

Sr. Vice President - Chief Credit Officer

Bryan Stanek

Bryan Stanek

Sr. Vice President – Credit Delivery

Tom Blackbourn

Tom Blackbourn

Vice President – Human Resources

Jerry Wiese

Jerry Wiese

Vice President – Information Technology Services

Laura Herschleb

Laura Herschleb

Vice President - Marketplace Strategies

Todd Fischer

Todd Fischer

Vice President - Risk Management

Grow your future with a career at Badgerland Financial.

Badgerland Financial offers its employees a competitive salary with a full range of benefits—all in a culture where commitment, relationships, engagement and teamwork are valued.


Here are just some of the benefits you can expect when you work at Badgerland Financial:

  • Performance based incentives
  • Medical coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Health savings account
  • Flexible spending account
  • 401(k) savings/matching contribution plan
  • Life & accident insurance
  • Short & long-term disability
  • Paid holidays and vacation
  • Sick and dependent sick leave
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Badgerland Financial logoed clothing allowance

Interested in learning more about the Badgerland Financial jobs that are currently available?

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Badgerland Financial College Internships

Every year, Badgerland Financial offers opportunities for college students to apply their classroom knowledge in the business world. Our internship program offers full-time, paid positions office-wide during the summer and in our tax department during the winter. The program is open to students pursuing a major in agriculture, business or a related field.


To find out what’s currently available, visit our current job postings.

Also, be on the lookout for Badgerland Financial at career fairs, school visits and student activities throughout the year.

Supporting the future of rural America - from the ground up.

Badgerland Financial is proud to invest $22,000 toward students’ continued education through our High School Scholarship Program. The 2017 application is now available (see below). 

Badgerland Financial High School Scholarship Program 2017 application (click for editable pdf)
Deadline for applications: January 27, 2017

If you have any questions about our High School Scholarship Program, please contact Rochelle Schnadt at (608) 370-6908 or email.

Note: Badgerland Financial also offers scholarships to college students studying agriculture at UW-River Falls, UW-Platteville and UW-Madison. Please contact each school's Foundation office for information.

Badgerland Financial 2016 High School Scholarship Recipients

Jonathon Bahr

High School: Belmont High School

Parents: Dale & Mary Bahr

College: UW-Platteville

Julia Branger

High School: Gilmanton High School

Parents: Jay & Kolleen Branger

College: UW-Madison

Brooke Calaway

High School: Chilton High School

Parents: Joe & Debbi Calaway

College: Virginia Tech or UW-Stevens Point

Bridget Cleven

High School: Brookwood High School

Parents: Roger & Peggy Cleven

College: UW-Platteville

Roseanne Crave

High School: Waterloo High School

Parents: George & Debbie Crave

College: UW-Stevens Point

Rachel Damm

High School: Columbus High School

Parents: Matt & Cindy Damm

College: UW-River Falls

Abigail Henken

High School: Waupun Area High School

Parents: Randall & Michelle Henken

College: UW-River Falls

Madeline Hodge

High School: J.A. Craig High School

Parents: James & Sarah Hodge

College: UW-Madison or Butler University

Travis Hofslien

High School: Westby High School

Parents: Chad & Laura Hofslien

College: UW-Platteville

Kara Hutter

High School: River Valley High School

Parents: William & Tracie Hutter

College: UW-Platteville

Samuel Jesse

High School: Lodi Area High School

Parents: Matthew & Tracy Jesse

College: UW-Platteville or Madison College

Elizabeth Knoebel

High School: Jefferson High School

Parents: Steve & Jody Knoebel

College: UW-River Falls

Bailey Larson

High School: Lincoln High School

Parents: Richard & Sara Larson

College: UW-Madison

Brooke Moore

High School: Black Hawk High School

Parents: Jeffrey & Mary Moore

College: UW-Madison

Jessica Mullikin

High School: Oostburg High School

Parents: Daniel & Shelly Mullikin

College: Lakeshore Technical College

Riley Ostby

High School: Argyle High School

Parents: Aaron & Julie Ostby

College: UW-Platteville

Zackary Propst

High School: Beaver Dam High School

Parents: Andy & Tracy Propst

College: UW-Madison

Gunnar Rielly

High School: Darlington High School

Parents: Mark & Carmen Rielly

College: UW-Platteville

Christopher Ruf

High School: Mauston High School

Parents: Alan & Colette Ruf

College: UW-Madison or UW-Platteville

Kimberly Schwobe

High School: Sheboygan Falls High School

Parents: Mike & Carol Schwobe

College: UW-Oshkosh

Kyle Thompson

High School: Darlington High School

Parents: Wayne & Joan Thompson

College: UW-Madison

Brooke Trustem

High School: Evansville High School

Parents: Sandy Larson & Jim Trustem

College: UW-Madison

Andi Wenck

High School: Waterford Union High School

Parents: Max & Linda Wenck

College: Kansas State University

Nicole Wenzel

High School: Mayville High School

Parents: Randy & Brenda Wenzel

College: UW-Minnesota Twin Cities

Jenifer Zimmerman

High School: Marshall High School

Parents: Jeffrey Zimmerman

College: UW-Madison

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