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Tax preparation and estate planning from the country living experts.

Owning property in the country comes with an ever-changing set of tax laws. Our country living Tax Consultants are licensed and fully accredited to do farm and farm-related tax returns. Regardless of how you’re using your rural property, we will make sure that you’re taking full advantage of the credits that may be available to you. We’ll also make sure you aren’t missing anything, which could result in costly penalties. All of our tax preparers are certified, and committed to helping you make the most out of living in the country.

We also have estate planning consultants who can help you plan for the future of your country property, as well as any other assets you may have.

With Badgerland Financial, we’re about more than just financing rural property. We’re committed to doing whatever it takes to cultivate rural life.

Learn more about how we can help by contacting one of our country living Tax Consultants or Estate Planning Consultants today.

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