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Unique loans for unique circumstances.

There are a growing number of farms that may or may not fit under “traditional agriculture.” But that doesn’t mean it should be hard for them to find financing. Our non-traditional ag loans are usually smaller loans—and we can finance more types of projects than most people can imagine.

Sometimes called microloans, they apply to any situation that falls outside standard production, such as local and regional food systems, and includes specialized equipment loans, operating loans for products with multiple sources of income and beginning farmer loans. Recent loans we’ve processed were for items like a walk-in cooler, a hoophouse, a small irrigation system, a packing shed, delivery vehicles, seed, plants and fertilizer.

In essence, they’re unique loans for unique circumstances.

We’ll help you with your business plan, think through your options with you, pave the way for partnerships with FSA or other organizations and help grow your operation through smart financing. Not just one-on-one, but also with workshops and other resources that can help you better navigate farm finances.

If you fall in this category and you’re wondering if your property, equipment, construction or any other endeavor can be financed, we hope you’ll contact us today.

Non-Traditional Ag Loans
1 Yr Variable
Non-Traditional Ag Loans
5 Yr Fixed
Non-Traditional Ag Loans
10 Yr Fixed

We Know Non-traditional Ag

No matter what your financing needs may be, chances are, Badgerland Financial can find a way to help. Learn how Paul Dietmann, our Emerging Markets Specialist, uses his experience in agriculture to find solutions for all types of ag-related operations.

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