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Agricultural tax preparation and planning from the ag experts.

Farm tax preparation and planning can be confusing for even the most business-savvy producer. The laws that govern farm taxes are constantly changing, making it nearly impossible to stay in compliance. Plus, there are many ways farmers can be saving money—sometimes up to hundreds of thousands of dollars—through Badgerland Financial’s farm tax services.

Only a farm Tax Consultant who truly understands the business of agriculture can help. That’s why all of our certified preparers have taken the farm tax exam. They are the best and brightest at helping hard-working farmers just like you avoid overpayment and costly penalties.

Take for instance David Wolfmeyer, one of our Senior Tax Consultants. He found a tax credit that one of his customers was eligible for that went unnoticed by the farmer’s former tax preparer. As a result, the farmer saved $9,265 in income taxes.

Or Brande O’Rourke, a Senior Farm Accounting Specialist who worked with the IRS on a farmer’s behalf to forgive a number of penalties the farmer was facing because his previous tax advisor failed to file proper payroll forms for a number of years.

Just how much could you be saving by working with Badgerland Financial? We’ll look at your last three years of tax returns for free to find out if you’re missing out on any opportunities or making costly mistakes. Give us a call or email us today and we’ll see what we can find.

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Jan Schaffner, a Badgerland Financial Tax Consultant, grew up on a dairy farm. She uses that background to help her customers overcome challenges while preventing problems from happening down the road. Learn how.

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